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    Pubic Enemy Male Chastity Device 1.97 Inch

    Pubic Enemy Male Chastity Device 1.97 Inch


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    Amuse and please your mistress’ desires and fetishes with this Window of Opportunity Male Chastity Device! This cock cage and chastity device is made up of a silver stainless steel material to keep you begging for mercy as it keeps your cock from having an erection. And if you think you can have your mistress removing the cage so you can urinate, think again. This device features a split opening on the front, so you can do your business, and nothing else.The build of the Window of Opportunity Male Chastity Device features a solid locked-in enclosure so you can’t see your manhood…if you even call it that. This all-in-one package comes with all the things you need for your package: a metal ring to wrap around your balls; some optional spikes if your mistress decides to have some medieval-style torture fun; and two keys, none of which you’ll have possession of, of course.

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