Padlock Resin Penis Cage 2.63 Inch


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    Good Things (Don’t) Cum in Small Packages cage is made from an ABS bio-sourced resin material that is both comfortable and sturdy enough to restrain your cock from doing other devilish deeds your master or mistress wouldn’t want you doing. The locking mechanism consists of a ring which includes the lock itself, and two base plates to be attached under the shaft of the cock. Your partner can choose which base plate to use, from the common plate to the one with a Prince Allen attachment for those of you who have a penis piercing. Our Good Things (Don’t) Cum in Small Packages Resin Cage also includes 4 (four) rings in different sizes. Master or mistress will certainly have fun toying with your caged cock due to the device’s design, granting exposure and some access to your helpless little penis.


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