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    Master Metal Chastity Cage 2.76 Inch

    Master Metal Chastity Cage 2.76 Inch


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    Your chastity slaves will be locked up pretty good. There will be higher chances of stroking and teasing because considerable patches of skin are exposed. Your penis can be licked or rubbed through the sides. It is also ideal for long-term use because it has perforations in all the right places. Also, this cock cage is a perfect CBT toy.This unique, cobweb-designed metal cock cage will make a statement at parties, clubs or even just in the bedroom. Our Caught in Her Web Metal Cage is available in 3 variations of cock rings. It is highly adjustable and customizable. Find the cock ring that fits you.This metal cock cage is made of stainless steel, it is easy-to-clean, medically-safe to use, temperature-sensitive and durable.

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