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    Master Locking Metal Chastity Device 3.35 Inch

    Master Locking Metal Chastity Device 3.35 Inch

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    Make way for a massive change in your life. The Sexless Inn Keeper Metal Chastity Device will definitely change your view on being chaste. This is the perfect CBT sex toy for your chastity slave. With this firm steel cage, rock-hard erection is next to impossible. Lock his cock and never look back. Start the teasing and do not mind the pleading.This solid and high-quality stainless steel cage will lock your cock until it is utterly useless. But no worries, because a few patches of your skin will still be accessible. The slats are windows to further physical contact. Your Doms can stroke and rub your sissy cock all-night long. Your Mistress can also play with hot and cold temperature for added sexual stimulation since stainless steel is temperature sensitive.

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