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    Bolted Spike Chastity Cage 2.01 Inch

    Bolted Spike Chastity Cage 2.01 Inch


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    We can dub this chastity device as one of our wittiest designed products ever. This is Nut Case Metal Chastity Device. The Nut Case Metal Chastity Device is resourceful, as tiny as he is (this is for all the microscopic sissy cocks out there), he has found a way to be respected, honored, and be amazed by many. Don’t belittle the guy until you find out what he can do. Sissies, hold on to your cocks!The Nut Case Metal Chastity Device is made from stainless steel. The skeletal structure of this cock cage literally looks like several nuts fused together. This type of arrangement resulted in an ingenious design that is both interactive and sexy. The holes from the “nuts” provide a decent amount of exposure to your cock so it’s not completely hidden. Domination can easily be implemented with this cock cage. Your penis will be vulnerable to your partner’s mischievous plots. Since the design is made from “screw-able nuts”, the kit includes some spiked screws that Master or Mistress could screw in just anywhere they please. That’s another level of screwing you up. That’s nuts! (Pun intended)

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