Male Chastity Cages

Male chastity is the practice of one partner controlling when or if the other partner may orgasm as well as how they may orgasm.

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Male Chastity is the act of locking a men's genitals into a steel,plastic or silicone cock cage to prevent ejaculation, masturbation, and even obtaining an erection. The chastity cages are commonly used in domination submissive relationships.

How to Choose The Right Cock cage For You – Chastity Size Guide

All bondageskin cock cages can be made from metal bars, solid tubes of metal, silicone, or hard plastic. They all have the same basic components: the cock or “A” ring, the cage or tube, and the locking mechanism. Many use small padlocks, others have built-in locks, and others use “security screws”. These are machine screws with encoded heads. Only a specially made screwdriver will fit the head. Each security screw has a unique design.

Measure The Length Of Male Chastity Cage

Penis sizes vary in length quite considerably when fully erect. It is anyway critical to know the length of your penis when your penis is soft. By soft I mean totally un-erect. Not the length when you are semi erect but rather your ordinary penis length when not excited. When in doubt of thumb, you should search for a gadget which is 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch littler than your delicate penis size. This is on the grounds that not all modesty gadgets are worn the full length of your penis. The littler size considers the ring component. It is likewise imperative to consider what you are searching for from a celibacy gadget. It is safe to say that you are searching for modesty gadget which can be worn for longer timeframes or would you say you are searching for a gadget which is maybe a more tight fit and will assist you with satisfying your dreams while playing?

Measure The Ring Of Cock Cage

The ring joins to the modesty gadget or enclosure and goes around the base of your balls. The picture beneath will assist you with seeing how you can gauge yourself to locate the right ring size. This size can be somewhat dubious to quantify anyway dread not on the grounds that the entirety of our gadgets have save rings accessible to guarantee you can locate the ideal fit. This estimation gives you a perimeter estimation. You have to change over this to discover the width, which is the estimation our rings are accessible in. Here is a rundown of ring sizes and their equivlient periphery.

6 Steps

1)Measure the length of your penis when soft
2)Measure the perimeter of your penis while soft
3)Measure the perimeter of your whole genitalia from underneath the ball sack to over the base of the penis
4)Convert the circumference to diameter of all measurements by using Omni Caculator
5)Repeat steps 1-4 when erect
6)Take these measurements and compare them with the recommended sizing on the Sizing Options page (also available as a photo on The Vice product listing), to see what would be the most ideal fit