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Male Chastity Cage, The Cheapest Cock Cages Store, Perfect Male Chastity Device

Male Chastity cages are perfect for submissive and dominant play. With styles made from stainless steel,resin,plastic and silicone,there’s a chastity device for every penis.
If you are in the mood to administer torturous pleasure than locking up your willing partner’s genitals is a sure fire way to notch up the heat. Penis cages are popular with fetishists who want to have total control over their submissive partner’s pleasure by placing it under lock and key. If you are playing long-distance submissive and dominants then you can use a one-off numbered device which will allow you to check if your slave has been a good or naughty sub on your return.
Since our cock cages are designed to keep your cock away from view, it’s always best to keep both the Trainer and your penis cleaned regularly to avoid infections, rashes, and unwanted odor. To do this, simply disinfect the thing with mild, fragrance-free soap and thoroughly rinse with warm water. Make sure it’s completely dry before you resume to grant solitary confinement on that manhood.